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We design and build-out all of our Mobile Production Environments in-house.

Cosmo is our newest "Open Architecture" platform design and build-out.

We are currently in the process of completing its creation.

We are looking forward to this new addition to the Aura-Sonic, Ltd. fleet.

Cosmo was originally owned and operated by Creedence Clearwater Revival's (CCR) Doug "Cosmo" Clifford and Stu Cook. They founded "Factory Productions" which was a mobile recording service in the Bay area.

In 1972 Doug Clifford put out a solo album called 'Cosmo.' "I thought it was fitting to name the truck 'Cosmo' because of where this truck originally came from." explains Steve Remote.

Phil Edwards took the truck on in the early 70s and moved the truck body (control cabin) on to a brand new Hino truck in 2007.

We took delivery of this rig in the summer of 2009 and have redesigned it to our "Open Architecture" platform and plan to have it debut very soon.

Cosmo�s design plan has the console platform in between the two (DS & PS) double doors. There shall be two racks of drawers and a small ancillary I/O panel on the driver side access hatch and a larger A/V/TELCO/COMM I/O panel and a similar drawer system on the passenger side. Small access doors shall be installed to facilitate cable entry on both drive and passenger sides.

All other interconnections shall be made via mouse holes that will give you direct access to the various portable interface panel/patch bay racks available.

As for console and equipment options, whatever the client or guest engineer wants they shall have.

Cosmo shall be completely modular, so anything goes and I mean anything!

If someone wanted our little Studer analog desk with a wrap around couch and pinball machine we'll make it so.

Cosmo Specifications:

Hino 268 A

New York Tags

Gross Vehicle Weight: 25,950 lbs.

Exterior Vehicle Dimensions: 36.0' L x 11.5' H x 102" W

Exterior Dimensions with Rear Platform & Stairs: 40.0' L x 11.5' H x 102" W

Rear side exit

Power Requirements & information: 208 volts, single-phase, 100 amp service required.

Cosmo carries 200' of entertainment power cable with Cam-Lok E1016 connectors

All other specs are custom configured as requested.