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This vehicle may look like a bread delivery truck, but don't let that fool you.

The Bread Mobile (TBM,) our smallest Mobile Production Environment, produces quality results, even on "tight budget" projects.

TBM can handle a wide range of production ventures.

The recording engineer can configure the facility with our vast portable equipment inventory or use equipment from their sources.

This workhorse has garnered a fair amount of awards and accolades.

As you may imagine, The Bread Mobile also employs our "Open Architecture" platform.

TBM is compact enough to fit in an average residential driveway, but large enough to support a wide variety of audio/video equipment.

On this date, TBM was configured to the engineer's specifications using two DiGiCo D5 consoles handling the sound effects mixing for the "front nine" during the PGA 88 tournament for CBS Sports.

The Bread Mobile is smaller than our other rigs, but this doesn't stop its "Open Architecture" multi-functional capabilities.

You cannot track a live band inside TBM, but it can be setup for voice-overs or vocal overdubs and still have room for a small control room area.

As a control room, the mobile unit is normally setup as a dual 48 track mobile recording studio that can handle up to 56 inputs and produce high quality results.

Other options are always available by configuring TBM with that "a la cart" approach.

The Bread Mobile Specifications:

GMC / Grumman Kurbmaster Stepvan

New York Tags

Gross Vehicle Weight: 14,000 lbs.

Exterior Vehicle Dimensions: 25.5' L x 11.5' H x 96" W

Passenger side exit

Power Requirements & information: 208 volts, single-phase, 50 amp service required.

TBM carries 200' of entertainment power cable with Cam-Lok E1016 & E1015 connectors

All other specs are custom configured as requested