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Transducer Technologies by:

AKG; Audio Technica; B & K; Beyer; Blue Sky; Coles; Crown; Electro Voice; Focal; Galaxy Audio; Genelec; Klien + Hummel; Mackie; Milab; Neumann; Royer Labs; Sennheiser; Shure; Yamaha

Preamplifiers, Equalizers, Mixers, Power Amplifiers, and DAs by:

API; Audio Metrics; Bryston; Crane Song LTD.; Geoff Daking; Focusrite; Klark Teknik; Lang; Midas; Millennia Media; Otari; Presonus; Roland; Shep Associates LTD.; Speck; Studer; Studio Technologies; True Systems; Whirlwind

Signal Processing by:

AD & R; Anthony Demaria Labs; Aphex; Audio Toys Inc; Barcus Berry; Brooke Siren System; DBX; Drawmer; Dynacord; Emperical Labs Inc; Eventide; Kurzweil; Lexicon; Pubilson; Slate Pro Audio; Solid State Logic; Sony; Summit; TC Electronics; Urei; Ursa Major

Analog/Digital Recorders and Players by:

360 Systems; Alesis; Avid; Otari; Sony; Tascam

AC/DC Power Products & Systems by:

APC; ETA; Furman; Middle Atlantic Products; Staco; Topaz

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We specifically design and execute our portable packages to fit your particular workflow anywhere.

Whether utilized in our mobile units or at your special on location space, our equipment systemization is the backbone to our Mobile Production Environments.

Multiple systems can be deployed from our vast inventory to provide 2 to 96 track recordings at once.

When recording or broadcasting a live concert or media event, microphone splitters are needed to distribute multiple outputs.

We have a plethora of nearly 400 channels of 2 way, 3 way and 4 way active and passive splitters manufactured by:

Aura-Sonic Ltd; Brooke Siren System; Jensen; UTC; Whirlwind; XTA Systems

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Equipment Specifications and Recall Sheets

If you need Recall Sheets for all our equipment and portable rack systems, click here.

Click here for specification PDFs of all our Portable Equipment Rack dimensions, weights and total wattage used.